Dual Wield in Mini Militia with the Mini Militia Double Gun Hack

In the intense multiplayer combat of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia, the ability to hold two weapons at once will surely give you a massive edge over the competition. Wielding two weapons – one in each hand or dual wielding is common in a lot of other PC and mobile shooter games.

You can do that in Mini Militia with the Mini Militia Double Gun hack.

You can have either two similar weapons or guns in both hands or two different weapons. Like you can have a gun and a grenade combination. Having dual weapon access gives the benefit of better combat and longer life in the game.

Mini Militia Double Gun

Mini Militia generally allows the character to hold one gun at a time. The weapons that can be dual-wielded in Mini Militia includes Uzi –  a common submachine gun, the magnum revolver and a pistol, the Desert Eagle pistol, and the machete.

It’s reasonable that the game allows only dual wielding weapons that are built for single handed use, and not assault rifles.

However, with the latest Mini Militia Double Gun hack installed, you can dual wield with all the 15 weapons that are available in the game.

Mini Militia Double Gun mod

Features of Mini Militia Double Gun Mod

The features of the Mini Militia Double Gun hack includes unlimited ammo, the pro pack and a lot more. You can geta lott of exciting features and advantages using this hack.

With the mod or the hack installed, you will get the following features in Mini Militia:

  • Unlimited Ammunition: There are two mods, one comes with unlimited ammo, and another one comes without it. With unlimited ammo, you will never have to worry about running out of bullets or rockets. However, you will have to reload the gun in the game, when the current magazine runs out. There is also a mod to make sure that the current magazine itself does not run out ever.
  • Pro Pack: The mod enables the pro pack. Now you will get all the weapons for free that were available in the Pro Pack as an in-app purchase. You can select any weapon you want from the game store. However, if you want to support the developers, do buy the Pro Pack.
  • No Unlimited Health: Dual wielding itself is a massive advantage over other players. Having unlimited health would take the fun away from the game. Therefore, the unlimited health mod was not included in this mod.
  • Dual Wield Any Weapon. This includes all the weapons, including the latest Trevor TAR-21. You can use any gun in any maps. The primary weapon will fire more than the secondary weapon and the zoom will be based on the primary weapon only.
  • Updated to Version 3.0.27: The new version of the Mini Militia Double Gun mod now comes with a newly positioned Ad banner to make the ads less intrusive.

The feature list of the Mini Militia Double Gun mod is not very extensive as the simple ability to dual wield any weapons is a massive advantage.

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How to Install the Mini Militia Double Gun Mod

The installation of the Mini Militia Double Gun mod is simple enough. It is available as an APK file that you can just install on your device.

However, to make sure that you can install from APK files downloaded from the internet, you will have to allow installation from untrusted sources.

For that, you will have to go into the Settings of your phone and change application installation settings. It varies between devices and the version of the OS you have installed on your phone.

Look up for your phone manufacturer and Android version to know how to allow installation from untrusted sources.

  1. First, uninstall the current version of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia that you have on your phone. This will also remove all the save games that you have. So, do it with caution.
  2. Next, clean all your temporary files on your phone. This will eliminate all leftover from the older Mini Militia installation. You can install apps like CCleaner to do that.
  3. Next, download the modified APK file that comes with the Mini Militia Double Gun hack. Save it to the microSD card or on the internal storage.
  4. Finally, install the downloaded APK file. If prompted to update the app, skip it.

You should not update the app from the Google Play Store anymore. Rather, you should change your auto-update settings if you wish to retain the mod.

If you update the app from the Google Play store, you will get an unmodified version of the game and hence you will lose the mod.  The modified APK provided works best in the LAN WIFI mode.

How it works

The Mini Militia Double Gun mod is created by modifying the game’s library files. The original APK package for installation is first extracted and then all the files can be accessed. Then, by modifying some of the files in the game, the dual wield for all the weapons can be enabled.

The mod also enables other features, such as unlimited ammo and the pro pack. If the user is proficient enough, he or she can also get unlimited health and no-reload on in the same mod.

The changed files from the original APK files are then put back in the original APK package, replacing the older files. Now, when you install the modified APK package, you get dual wielding in Mini Militia.

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Final Words

The weapons hack performs differently with different guns. So, you will need to find the exact pair that works the best for you. You can choose a sniper rifle as your primary and a shotgun as a secondary. While the former will allow you to take out other enemy players from a distance, the latter will allow to quickly deal with enemies that get close.

Another good example is using two AK-47s simultaneously. This is a very robust combination that can get you out from all sorts of tricky situations.

Holding two weapons at the time of battle will give you a leap over other players, but the combination of weapons has to be tested before playing with the online player.

As, the combinations don’t work with their full ability in dual wield mode, which will eventually add it to your reasons for losing the game.

If you are dual wielding the same weapon in both hands, then the secondary will not perform as well as the primary.

The aiming for the secondary will not be as accurate, and will also fire a little less. So, you will have to try out a combination before you use it online.


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