Mini Militia Fly Through Walls Hack Mod Apk [Wall Hack]

Doodle Army 2, commonly known as Mini Militia, is a casual yet intense 2D multiplayer combat experience. You can play with friends online, as well as locally over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can play offline in the training and survival mode.

The offline training mode is very helpful for players to learn how to play and correct their mistakes. This free offline trial gives you a very close look at the game layout as well as hints you at hurdles.

If the game feels too complicated for you, Mini Militia fly through wallhack will help you. Mini militia wall hack will allow you to fly through any obstacles, as well as have unlimited flight time.

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Downloading the Mini Militia wall hack APK

Doodle Army 2 is available for both iOS and Android, but you will only get the wall hack for Android. The hack is not available on Google Play Store and to install it, you will also need to modify some of the settings of your phone first.

First of all, you need to allow installation from untrusted sources. To do this, go to your phone settings, then application settings and then enable installation of apps from outside of the store. Changing this setting varies from phone to phone and so you will have to check with your phone manufacturer.

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The feature of Mini Militia Wall Hack

The latest version of the Mini Militia wall hack bears the version number This now allows a “custom” option that enables you to add or use a custom combination of pre-defined hacks. These hacks are available for free and can easily be downloaded reliable form sources. The features of the hack are as follows:

  • No Reload: You can now shoot without reloading your weapon. This saves valuable time when you are in intense multiplayer combat.
  • Pro Pack + All Store items: Now, you do not have to make any in-app purchases to get access to the premium features. You can simply use this hack to try out all the premium features and content of the game. However, if you like it, buy the premium content to support the developer.
  • Unlimited Ammo: This allows you to have unlimited ammo in all of your weapons. When paired with the no-reload hack, you can keep shooting for an unlimited time without running out of bullets or having to reload.
  • Fly through walls: The main point of the Mini militia wallhack is the ability to fly through walls, or, avoid obstacles. This will allow players to shoot through walls. Players can also move through walls.  Bullets and grenades can also move through walls and obstacles. The offline mode all the other bots can also move through walls and obstacles.
  • Gravity independent: This completely disables gravity.  Players can stay in space without even using the jetpack.
  • Transparent Bush: This allows you to see who is hiding behind the bushes.
  • Dual bullet shoots: With this hack, you can shoot two bullets every time you press the trigger.

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You do not get unlimited health with this hack, so other player hiding behind walls can kill you. But this hack gives you a better chance to escape your enemy. The wall, yes, with this hack you too can hide behind the wall.  However, you can also hide behind a wall to protect yourself from people who are not running the Mini militia wall hack.

You can use Mini Militia wall hack to unlock the unlimited health and unlimited ammo, so that you can remain unbeaten among the friends. This game supports multiplayer option, so you have to connect to the Wi-Fi to play with your friends and be the unbeaten star of the game.

Mini Militia Fly Through Walls

How to install Mini Militia Wall Hack APK

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia wallhack can be downloaded from the website of the hack directly. However, you will need to remove the Mini Militia app from the phone first. Here are the steps that you need to follow to install the app.

  1. Uninstall the app from your phone first.
  2. Now, clear the cache of the phone. You can use an app such as CCleaner to do so. However, this is not required in all phones, but it is recommended that you do so.
  3. Now, download the APK file. Before this, you must have “Install from Unknown sources” enabled on your phone.
  4. Accept the request for permissions.

After this only, the Mini Militia Fly Through Walls will be installed.


How it works: Mini Militia Fly Through Walls

Now, the game is programmed in such a way that the entire viewpoint of the player, that is the avatar, is contained within the viewport. The viewport is the amount of area that you get to see on the screen. This includes the walls and the rocks. The avatar, at a certain moment, can interact with only the items that are rendered on screen. Anything that is not rendered on the screen has is not considered.

The hack tweaks collision detection settings by modifying the Z-index of the player’s parameters. Since the game is a 2D game, the player’s avatar moves around in an X-Y plane. Now, on this plane, there are layers of items rendered.

First, the map is rendered, then the elements on the map, such as rocks are rendered in another layer, then the player’s avatar is rendered in another layer. Items in a layer can interact with each other. Each layer has a certain z-index value. The upper layers have a higher value.

The hack increases the z-index value such that the player’s avatar is rendered in an empty layer right on top of all the layers. Thus, the Mini militia wall hack allows the player to fly through walls.

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