Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak – 3 Working Methods

Mini Militia is a shooting game which is available for both Android and IOS.  We will be discussing the  Mini Militia hack ios  and its related, in this articl but first let’s get femiliar with the game.

The game was first launched for IOS devices on April 5, 2011, way earlier than that of Android which came on mid-2015. The battle game is all about streangth,strategy and abilities to lead a team into a battle field. Although the game is a virtual reality game but due to its tremendous graphics it’s as good as real.

The game has got 3 modes which include survival, training and multiplayer. Once a player understands the basic fundamentals of the game, they start playing the multiplayer mode, which is by far the best mode in the game. The game got its popularity by the end 2015 and since then it is one of the most played games ever.

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mini militia ios hack

If someone wants to be a professional in this game, they can follow the following tips.

There are several methods for downloading a hacked version of the famous game Mini Militia on the internet nowadays. But it is very difficult to find the working ones which would not damage the system of ours. If someone is using an iPhone or an iPad and is the fan of this doodle game, then they must use some of the hacked versions in order to succeed.

After installing the Mini Militia hack IOS, One gets some awesome and cool tweaks and hacks. These hacks help you enjoy various feature which other wise are locked and cannot be accessed unless you are level up at your game.

The below is the list of the tweaks available after a successful installation of a hacked version.

Tweaks and Hack list for IOS.

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There are several hacking tools available with a hacked version of this game. A sheer amateur can compete with an ultimate pro within some minutes. The below is the list of advantages after installing Mini Militia Hack IOS.

  1.    Unlimited life.
  2.    No recoil of any guns,
  3.    Unlimited ammo.
  4.    Unlimited jets.
  5.    GOD mode can be activated anytime.
  6.    Infinite hand bombs and grenades.
  7.    In-app purchased automatically disabled, and one can get everything.
  8.    Invisible mode.

Apart from the above tweaks, after installing the app, one will be getting some further features:

  1.    The player will not get banned at any cost.
  2.    Gameplay will be smoother and no lagging will be there.
  3.    It is very easy and quite handy to use the app.
  4.    The space requirement of this app is quite less and can be easily installed.

There are quite a few methods that can be used for installing a hacked version of this game. Those can be discussed as below:

how to hack mini militia

How to install mini militia hack IOS:

This is the first method on how can mini militia can be installed on IOS. For this method, one does not need to jailbreak their devices. This method works on almost every device.

The below is the total procedures of installing Mini Militia hack IOS:

  1.    iBackupBot for MAC must be downloaded at first.
  2.    The license key is a must and should be found.
  3.     Backup of the device should be made by connecting the device to a PC.
  4.    After the backup process completed navigate over to USER APP FILES.
  5.    Search mini militia on the right side panel of your screen.
  6.    Select preferences in the directory portion.
  7.    Search for XML file and open it.
  8.    Select the best score in survival mode under best shows.
  9.    Search experience earned the term and change the values as your wish.
  10.    Save your setting and hit enter, and wait till the file is saved.
  11.    Now respring your device.

The above-discussed procedure is the first method which works on almost all devices. If someone is not getting this done then there are some other ways too.

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Installing apps through Cydia.

Another method of installing mini militia hack IOS is by downloading Cydia app. But the first one has to install Cydia in their devices.

The below is the way to download Cydia first:

Cydia is generally installed by jailbreaking a device, but it can also be done without jailbreaking a phone. One just has to go to some open sources which are available on the internet and can be downloaded easily.

After the download is completed and it is installed successfully one has to follow the next few steps in order to hack mini-militia.

The processes are as below:

  •    After installing Cydia successfully, just open Safari browser.
  •    Download the file from the link below


  •    Wait till the download is finished and one must keep it securely.
  •    Download the file name called “DA2 Hack 2.deb” from there.
  •    Install File and open the downloaded file here.
  •    Click the installer button, to install Mini militia.
  •    Check the trusting the app option there.
  •    Now enjoy playing from the start screen.

This is the second successful method to enjoy Mini militia Hack IOS.

MINI militia hack ios

   Mini Militia Pro Pack:

This is the easiest and most convenient way of the hacking mini-militia. The best part this hack one does not need any third party application. One can hack it with the original app which is available in the App store. One just has to follow the very few procedures, which are discussed below accordingly:

  1.    Download the mini militia file and open it from File.
  2.    Now click quick play to navigate it.
  3.    Now click on Add time Free Pro Pack to enjoy the hack.
  4.    Then there will be an AD that will appear, watch the ad to play the game.
  5.    Now play the game.
  6.    After playing the game, now Hold the power button and Home ve button together.
  7.    Clear the ram and temporary memory to enjoy the best experience while playing the game.
  8.    Now end the app. And open then mini militia game.
  9.    Now play with the professional and beat them with ease.

The above are the best possible mini militia hacks IOS which can be done with ease. The best parts of all the above hacks are that they do not need jailbreak, as jailbreaking voids the warranty of the device.

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Enjoy the following hacks with an easy access that will bring a quite amount of happiness to an amateur, as they will able to beat professionals with great experience with a great ease.

Playing a combat game like Mini Militia is always fascinating, but having his hacks installed in the smartphone is a bit difficult. This problem arises especially when you are using iOS to play this game. But, now the hacks are available for iOS where you can install the hacks through the several apps.

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